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The Ministry of Finance has bought about 2.6 billion dollars

The Ministry of Finance has begun to purchase foreign currency from the open market on 8 February 2017 During this period the Agency for these purposes already spent about 149 billion rubles.Due to the fact that the oil and gas sector revenues still exceed the planned values, it was decided to send the excess revenues […]

Auction free money: the ECB “loaned” to European banks 252 billion euros at 0%

European banks took from the Central Bank of the “Old world” 252 billion euros, non-interest bearing. Today was, as expected, the last auction to offer long-term funds at a zero rate.In order to maintain its economy, the European Central Bank has launched the 2014 round of so-called Targeted long-term financing operations (TLTRO). Today’s auction was […]

Russian banks are prepared for the weakening of the ruble

Russian banks in January this year has significantly increased their long positions on the dollar. In the first month of the year their total net balance position on the U.S. currency increased to 692 billion rubles.At the beginning of February, Russian credit institutions were opened long positions on the dollar on 463,9 billion rubles short […]

Russia and Saudi Arabia in the struggle for leadership in the oil market

Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia in recent years has increased the volume of oil production, it suffered a loss of key markets. Somewhere in the competition the country has lost Russia, and somewhere in Canada.In 2013 the volume of oil exports from Saudi Arabia to China fell by 21 million barrels a month, while […]

The outflow of funds from the Russian stock market took a pause

The outflow of “hot capital” ended or took a break? Last week, the MICEX index grew by 4.2%, while the index of government bonds of Russia has reached the highs since the summer of 2013Exchange traded Fund specializing in investments in Russian stocks, for the first time since early February recorded a two-day inflows. Recall […]

Iran and Iraq have huge potential to increase oil production

Despite the fact that the oil market fears of increased production of shale oil, Middle East has a huge potential to increase its production.Historically in the region each year on average find new fields with reserves of 1 billion barrels of oil. Over the last 10 years the dominant role in intelligence activities occupied Iran, […]

Investors sell gold at the fastest rate since November, 2016

Foreign hedge funds continue to reduce their positions in gold, during the period from 7 to 14 March, the volume of the portfolio decreased by 44.1 thousand contracts, or approximately $ 5.4 billion.The last time speculators were strongly sold the precious metal in November last year, just immediately after the elections in the United States. […]