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Whom hedge funds will sell their 872 million barrels of oil?

Us investment Bank Goldman Sachs expects a decline in world inventory of oil for this year, despite their possible growth in the United States, reports Reuters.”We continue to forecast growth in world oil demand in 2017 by 1.5 million barrels per day, which eliminates the production growth in the United States,” said the Bank. Investdom […]

February was the worst month for the placement of OFZ from June 2016

The Ministry of Finance for the fourth time in a year failed to place the whole issue OFZ. And just in February I had three failed auction. Today of the planned 30 billion to bail out was only 23.7 billionInvestors were not supportive of today’s five-year issue of government bonds with a permanent coupon. More […]

Non-residents bought OFZ bonds more than on 100 billion rubles

In December, non-residents increased their investments in Russian Federal loan bonds more than on 100 billion roubles. By the end of 2016 in their portfolios were debt securities on 1,5 trillion roubles.The overall share of Federal bonds owned by foreigners has reached 26,9%, came close to the record of September 2016, to 27%. It should […]

Russia has reduced the gap with the US in the export of military equipment

By the end of 2016, Russia took the second place on volumes of export of military equipment. Last year, our country has sold weapons for $ 6.4 billion — the highest in the last 3 years.In the first place was traditionally occupied by States, for 2016 they have implemented technology to 9.9 billion dollars. Over […]

The Russian “pivot to the East”. Now it’s only words.

“Russia turned to the East”, this statement we heard many times from the lips of various politicians and economists. And indeed, how strong the rotation has made our country in relation to the Asian region? Try to see this in the example of the oil market.Last year, Russia set an absolute record for oil production. […]

USA can become the main competitor of Russia in the European gas market

The US and Russia are geopolitical rivals for a long time. Unfortunately, on many fronts, our country is lost. If in the middle of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union the economy was just behind the United States, 2015 finished 12th place.Recall that in 2013, Russia ranked 8th and such a dramatic fall was the […]

The internal debt of Russia has exceeded 8 trillion rubles

During the first month of 2017 the internal debt of the Russian Federation increased by 70 billion rubles. Thus, the obligations of the state exceeded the 8 trillion 73 billion.In the past year, Russia has stepped up its internal debt obligations for 2016, they added almost 696 billion. Our country began to apply for funding […]

Hedge funds have taken a net short position in oil

For nearly two months, hedge funds in their optional strategies rely on a drop of oil. At the end of last year and at the beginning they took a net short position in raw materials.As of December 6, 2017 optional net short position of hedge funds in oil was almost 28 thousand contracts until 17 […]

The Ministry of Finance is flooding the liquidity of the banking system of Russia

The Ministry of Finance gradually adds liquidity in the Russian banking system. Last Friday, the Department has placed on Deposit in banks another 100 billion rubles.As at the end of last week in the credit organisations of the country were in a total of 1.5 trillion roubles of budget money. Of these, 401 billion provided […]